Amazon Phone Number

Just about everyone has shopped on or been to Amazon’s website or at least heard of the website. They are the largest online retailer in the world. If it is sold anywhere in the world, you can probably find it on Amazon. They offer just about everything or their independent sellers offer it for sale. From clothes to DVD’s to music, to food, you can find it on Amazon. Their highly popular Amazon Prime and low prices keep people coming back order after order.

Amazon is one of the highest rated companies when it comes to customer service. They offer the best help and service to all of those who shop on their site. If you need help to place an order, have a problem with an order, or just need a question answered, their customer service is always available to help. You can email, chat, or call a customer service representative twenty four hours a day. They are quick to respond and always do their best to make it right. Their superior customer service is one of the reasons that they have a very loyal customer base.

Their Amazon Prime service is very popular. Members pay a yearly fee to get two day shipping on a majority of the items that amazon sells. If they opt to take slower shipping, they are often rewarded with credits. In addition to their free two day shipping, Amazon offers their prime members many other perks. One of the most popular perks is the free video streaming. They offer many movies and tv shows for their members to stream and watch, all included for the price of their membership. They even create their own original programming for their members to enjoy. This is a very popular service offered to their Prime members.

Prime members can also stream popular music on their computers or devices for free. They can choose from new and popular music and stream it without advertising. Prime membership also offers unlimited photo storage online. You can store all of your photos for free on Amazon’s cloud! You never need to worry about losing your photos again. You can even set up their app to automatically back your photos up to the cloud straight from your phone. This can be a very important back-up if your computer or phone ever has issues and deletes or loses your photos. Your memories will be safely stored on Amazon’s cloud.

As a prime member, you can also borrow books on your kindle from the kindle lending library. You have access to a library without leaving your house, you will always have something to read in your spare time. Amazon also offers a selection of new books for their members to pick one free per month. With so many perks, many people find Amazon to be a great deal. Mix that with the best customer service in the industry which you can contact thru their Amazon phone, people return to Amazon for all their needs.