Scottish Power Phone Number

Scottish Power has an information line that helps their customers ensure they know where they may dig. There are quite a few power lines underground that must be marked before there is any digging done, and this article explains how Scottish Power helps customers learn where their power lines. The lines that are sitting underground are vulnerable when digging is done improperly, and calling ahead of time will save everyone time.

The marking job is easy to do as the company will send someone to the site to do the marking themselves. The marking job is done with a special paint that will mark anything from the road to grass. The crew will ensure they have found the source of each power line, and they will paint a straight line to show where it is. They will use special flags that make the marks easy to see, and they will help the customer when there is another line running around their own. Utilities are required to have knowledge of everything they have buried, and they work together on a number of projects that may combine their services.

The marking job is done in a special color paint that will help the customer understand they are looking at power lines. They will see the flags from Scottish Power, and they may ask someone out to ensure they have seen the water line or gas line. each line is marked in its own color, and the companies will lay out their flags to help the customers plan their next project on their property.

Calling Scottish power today is quite simple as they give a phone number before digging. Everyone must ensure they have called, and they will schedule an appointment with the company that helps them know the marking will be done soon. They may not be able to go forward with the jobs they have planned until the lines are painted, and they may call when needed for a new marking job.

The marking job that is done by the company cannot be done any other way. Everyone who is calling for jobs may call for a number of locations, and they must look up the phone number before digging. They will have a receipt for their appointment showing that they scheduled a line painting job, and they may prove to a planning commission or builder that they are ready to move forward. The utility companies do this work every day, and they are quite understanding about how this process works.

The simplest form of planning for building is having lines for the power company painted. SP energy has ensured many times over that their customers have their lines painted, and they will send a special crew that does nothing but this job to each site. They will use a paint that anyone can see, and they will use flags that denote the presence of a power line. The power lines are protected, and the customer will remain on the right side of the law.